We’re not alone: News from across the Rust Belt

Aproximate area of US "Rust Belt" cities in orange

As reviewed in an article from few weeks ago, our communities in Springfield and Holyoke can take advantage of regional and national resources intended to serve post-industrial cities across the United States. One such useful resource is Rustwire.com, which describes itself as:

a site intended to consolidate thoughtful, constructive stories about post-industrial cities across the Rust Belt. It was developed by two former newspaper reporters with ties to five Rust Belt cities, and it is maintained with help from half a dozen others from across the region

Similar to the springfield institute, they provide multi-author, multi-media rich perspectives on the struggles and successes that will transform our cities moving forward. We salute the entrepreneurship of the site’s contributors and recommend it to our readers.


How do people find us?

I love this work. Here’s one weird example why. Take a look at the search terms people used to find The Springfield Institute today and yesterday:

El Sol Latino – Nov 2009: Shining for five years, ¡felicidades!

El Sol - Nov 2009

How will you celebrate El Sol Latino’s fifth anniversary? I’d suggest picking up the November issue, or download it here (PDF, 5.3 MB), and reading something about: new national demographic data, Latinos in Amherst, the new Isabel Allende book “La Isla Bajo el Mar,” a review of the Holyoke perrformance of Teatro Kimbombó’s “El Abismo,” and more.

Mason Square youth discuss health, violence, race, public schools, higher ed, technology, and more

IMG_3690About thirty young people gathered yesterday to share their perspectives on Springfield with Elizabeth Clay, Director of the Governor’s office for Commonwealth Corps and Grassroots Governance. These highlights from the discussion (video below) give you a sense of their personalities and priorities. You can also see some tidbits from the conversation on the Governor’s civic engagement blog, and at the end of this story in The Republican. The stories of young people often get told on their behalf–and in unflattering ways. Seeing them speak for themselves makes all the difference. More details about the event here.