CORI Reform Roundtable, CORI Independence Day (6/30)

If you liked this video of Orlando Ramos discussing CORI reform, you’ll love this roundtable discussion with Orlando, Frances Smith (who’s off to the US Social Forum in Detroit), Gilberto Rolon, and Betty Agin from the Health Disparities Project (above). And we’ve added a short Spanish language version (below). This is all leading up to CORI Independence Day on June 30th, from 10-6, at Blunt Park in Springfield. Pro bono attorneys will help you seal your record. Download flyer here.

El Sol Latino – June 2010: Immigration and Education are big topics

El Sol Latino, June 2010

This month’s issue of El Sol Latino (ESL) features the backlash generated from the new Arizona immigration policy, which has been rejected by civil rights groups across the Nation. SB 1070 has won the Grand Canyon State a boycott from Los Angeles and other cities have considered similar measures, including Springfield.

The dangers of the new Arizona immigration policy, which directs police to determine the immigration status of a person “where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien”, are exemplified through a recent story presented by NBC in Chicago last week, and covered on the Huffington Post. The article spotlights Eduardo Caraballo, a Puerto Rican and US citizen who was detained for three days by federal officials on suspicion of residing in the US illegally, despite providing adequate identification. As Congressman Luis Gutierrez says in the interview “In Arizona, they want everybody to be able to prove they’re legally in the country. They want everybody to prove that they’re an American citizen. Here we had an American citizen, that the federal government – not state authorities – but the Federal government, with all their technology and all the information capacity they had… could not determine, for more than three days, his status as an American citizen. It’s very, very, very dangerous ground to tread.”

This edition of ESL also shares three recent studies related to the Latino immigrant community. The first, by the Pew Hispanic Center profiles the latest Hispanic Demography in the US, where Latino’s are accounted for by Nationality and insightful statistics are provided regarding their language, educational attainment, income level and regional dispersion. A second study, also by Pew finds that Hispanics in the US reach the lowest attainment of General Education Degrees (GED) amongst High School dropouts, when compared to Whites and Blacks. The last of these articles suggest that parenting practices amongst Latino communities plays a favorable role in their children’s success. This stems from a study by the American Psychological Association (APA) that found Latino children displayed skills “at levels equal to those of white non-Latino children, despite vast differences in family income between the groups”.

In news from the Caribbean, ESL includes Economic news from the Dominican Republic, and prominently summarizes the University of Puerto Rico student strike, which has had 10 of its 11 campuses paralyzed for 41 days after the University Governing Board undertook drastic measures which would increase the cost of higher education in the system.

Pick up a copy of El Sol Latino or access the latest version here.