Check out my wheels [UPDATED]

Next week is Pioneer Valley Bike Commute Week. I’m planning on bringing my bike to the office (by car, I’m afraid), and riding to meetings. Do the same and we can compare rides (mine’s pretty junky, actually). I’m encouraging my colleagues on the Mass in Motion Springfield Wellness Leadership Council to do the same. There are a few different small events planned for Springfield and Holyoke, including:

  • Holyoke: Commuter Breakfast: 7-9am at Highland Bike and Hardware, 917 Hampden St.
  • Springfield: Shower with Helmet and Corporate ID: 5:30am-9:30pm at the YMCA, 275 Chestnut Street. [Anybody know what’s up with the corporate ID requirement?]

If you’re nervous about riding around Springfield (understandable), don’t despair: There’s new federal (DOT) legislation requiring accommodations for bike and foot traffic.

UPDATE: Steve Miller from Livable Streets Alliance and Harvard School of Public Health will be presenting to the Live Well Springfield Coalition on May 25th, 9-11 AM, at the Springfield Public Library. All are welcome.


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