A journey with Julius [video]

This montage was put together last night by Julius’ friend, Brian Jennings, who traveled to South Africa with him in February. Thank you, Brian. For more, see post below or click here.


8 Responses

  1. […] A friend with whom he traveled to South Africa in February created a wonderful tribute video. If you don’t see it above, click here. […]

  2. Julius touched so many in his short life…..I made the sojourn to South Africa with Julius….the guitar that he plays in the video he gave away…he is a giving human being….we lost him too soon…but I know deep in my heart that the work he did on earth will blossom and grow…and his work on the other side on right hand of God will touch many more.

  3. such a poet. such a warrior. such a magnificent human being. i miss him so much.


  4. Went to high school and college with Jay…Devastating news…Thank you for this video…It was great to virtually reconnect with him after so many years…Paz, mi hermano.

  5. Jay was a beautiful and talented spirit! He touched everyone around him in many meaningful ways. We will miss you!

    love you always,

  6. A powerful spirit who saw my potential even as I remain blind to it.

  7. A beautiful brother who blessed all of us and the planet with his life and love of it.

    You are still with us, J.

    Love and freedom,


  8. I miss you and can’t believe you are gone from this earth.
    You taught me what love really is and I cherish you forever and each day try to actualize and live the lessons you taught me.
    Be in peace,

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