Julius Joel Ford: 1968-2009 [visitation and funeral info added]

Screen shot 2009-10-08 at 2.53.00 PMJulius was a colleague, a friend, and an inspiration to all of us at The Springfield Institute. His commitment to young people; the way he combined art, critical analysis, and faith; and his intuitive kindness stand out for me. Julius was a founding member of our organizing committee (scroll down), and there is no one who better embodies the spirit of what we seek to accomplish in Springfield and the region. In this sense, Julius will continue to provide direction for all of us.

Here is Julius’ lovely obituary. Visitation will be on Tuesday, October 12th, from 3:30 until 6:30 at Douglass Funeral Service in Amherst. A funeral service will be at 7PM that evening at First Congregational Church in Amherst.

Here (PDF) is a beautiful tribute to Julius written by Magdalena Gomez last night. Apparently, Julius noticed a rainbow as he left the office on Wednesday afternoon, and he took the trouble to go back in and get his colleagues so they could see it too.

A friend with whom he traveled to South Africa in February created a wonderful tribute video. If you don’t see it above, click here.


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  2. Thanks Brian for sharing the video of the South Africa trip and thanks Aron for posting the videos and picture and poem. The trip was such an important time for Julius. He came back inspired and aware. He saw the world more clearly than most of us ever will. He touched so many lives with his humor, talent, critical thinking, and strength. I want to share with everyone reading that he did know how much he was loved.

  3. Thanks Aron for putting the video on your site as well as the heartfelt tribute from Magdalena Gomez.
    Like everyone else that knew him, I am struggling with this huge sense of loss and yet feeling grateful for having had the chance to know him, to have had a chance to learn from him and laugh with him. And I will never see another rainbow again without him being present in my heart.

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