Immigrant health & the Baystate Brightwood/Pioneer Valley Project Cliniquita

brightwood clinic 002The Baystate Brightwood/Pioneer Valley Project Cliniquita was born in December, 2007 when immigrant workers with health problems were seen by a medical provider in the basement of a Springfield Church. The project moved to Brightwood clinic and now provides comprehensive care to immigrants every two weeks. Over 400 workers have been treated for diabetes, gynecological and urological problems, eye problems, tuberculosis and a host of other issues. Medicines, specialty care and food that sustain unemployed workers through the winter have been supplied through the Cliniquita Fund of the Pioneer Valley Project. Your donation to the PVP Cliniquita Fund supports life and health for our neighbors in the Valley most at risk.

Join us for food, fun and music

for Immigrants’ Health!

Thanks to our sponsors!

Lois Ahrens & Ellen Miller-Mack Ÿ Elizabeth Armstrong & Vijay Prashad Ÿ Jo Commerford & Ann Hennessey Ÿ Jane Cross & Paul Spector Ÿ Frances Crowe Ÿ Maria Cuerda & Luis Perez Ÿ Julian & Robbie Crowell Ÿ Judith Ellenburg Ÿ Dr. & Mrs. Merritt Garland Ÿ Katie Gerstle Ÿ Audrey Gunn and Jeff Knight Ÿ Nora Israeloff & Philip Korman Ÿ Jim Levy and Christine Olson Ÿ Marilyn McArthur Ÿ Lauren Meade Ÿ Marty Nathan & Elliot Fratkin Ÿ Catherine & David Newbury Ÿ Bill Newman & Dale Melcher Ÿ Sonia & Miguel Rivera Ÿ David Rose & Holly Hartstone Ÿ Drs. Henry Rosenberg & Katie Hicks Ÿ Jennifer Samale Ÿ Jeffrey Scavron Ÿ Deborah Schifter ŸMarc Steinburg Ÿ Bruce Wintman & Jonna Gaberman Ÿ Amy Zeldes

Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 to 6 PM

At the Home of

Marty Nathan & Elliot Fratkin

24 Massasoit Street




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