No shortage of plans for Springfield & region

According to yesterday’s Republican, the recently replaced federal homelessness czar, Philip F. Mangano, is in the habit of praising Springfield’s approach to the problem, which emphasizes permanent solutions like supportive housing (which has been covered on this site). The article makes a point of mentioning that this approach is captured in a 10-year plan called “Housing First.”

Which reminds me of something I hear a lot: Springfield has plenty of impressive reports and plans, it’s the implementation that has proven to be so difficult. The next impressive report at risk of being undervalued thus is MassInc’s/UMass Dartmouth “Springfield 2030” report, due out in a few weeks. I’ve started a list of reports (with links to each) below. Send me more, and I’ll add them.

Reports and plans do need to do more to increase the chances that something happens as a result, but we also have to take advantage of all the analytic resources we can get.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Aron! One of the problems with the implementation of the Housing First initiative in Springfield is that they are cutting back on services for the homeless but have no actual homes where they can place people. Almost universally, people who rent in Springfield pay about $750 month for crappy apartments and if you are disabled or unemployed and are lucky enough to qualify for a welfare check, you only get about $520/month for yourself and one child. And forget about getting into subsidized housing. The waiting lists are years long.

  2. […] good plans with results Posted on July 9, 2009 by Aron Goldman Back in May, I referenced a Republican article about how the homelessness czar Philip F. Mangano lauds Springfield’s 10 year plan to end […]

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