NY Times asks why Basketball Hall of Fame hasn’t welcomed black players & coaches

Bball Hall of fameIn today’s New York Times, columnist Bob Herbert puts Springfield’s Basketball Hall of Fame on the spot. Invoking the many exceptional black basketball players from a time before the NBA allowed black players: “…I’ve detected no real enthusiasm at the hall for doing the right thing by these most deserving athletes and innovators…” by inducting them. According to Herbert, the baseball and football halls of fame have done so.  

I have heard people criticize the hall of fame for being inaccessible to locals (wrong side of I-91), and yet “EZ off, EZ on” for tourists (minimizing any economic ripple effect). And being buffered by national chains doesn’t help matters. But this critique about what happens inside is new to me. 

Herbert does make references to the hall’s willingness to examine some of these issues more closely. We would be delighted to be involved in that process.


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