Linking polluters to the communities that bear the brunt [radio interview added]

picture-101This new report, called “Justice in the Air,” combines data from the EPA Toxic Release Inventory, the Census, and weather data (e.g., wind) to identify “the extent to which toxic pollution released by industry disproportionately contaminates the air in neighborhoods where people of color and low-income families live.”

I am thinking of the North End, with I-91 bisecting it, and a perilous mix of features: industrial sites, large scale medical services, PVTA bus depot, homes, schools, a commercial district, and a river. Some work has been done to identify pollutants, but not polluters. Just getting the word out could make a big difference.

The report is prepared by: our own Manuel Pastor (well, not “our own,” but he did help make our first event a big hit), and his colleagues at the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE); and the good folks at UMass Political Economy Research Institute (PERI): Michael Ash, James K. Boyce, and Grace Chang (What’s up, Deb!).

Picture 15Here’s an interview with James Boyce about Justice in the Air conducted by our friend Bill Baue at Sea Change Radio.


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