Healthy communities: Our “to do” list


This new policy brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is a nice little resource, providing some policy steps, the rationale, and the research citations to back it up. Some highlights:

  • “Currently, more than two-thirds of U.S. adults and almost one-third of children and adolescents ages 2 to 19 are overweight or obese, with even higher rates in African-American, Latino and lower-income communities.”
  •  “Obesity costs our nation $117 billion per year in medical expenses and other indirect costs, including lost productivity.”
  • “…each additional hour spent in the car per day was associated with a 6 percent increase in obesity risk, but each additional kilometer walked per day was associated with a 4.8 percent decrease in obesity risk.”
  • “land use and transportation policies and practices affect physical activity levels.”
  • “Improving the connectivity of streets and sidewalks, preserving or creating green space and improving the safety and aesthetic qualities of the built environment also can encourage increased activity.”

2 Responses

  1. and even more importantly, this document tells us what kinds of funding is available from the american recovery and reinvestment act that can be used for these projects…

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