Trying to reach Massachusetts “food and health” colleagues


[A message from the Comfood list serve:]

Dear “healthy corner store” colleagues:

I’m writing with the hope of reaching those of you from Massachusetts, especially those of you who will also happen to be at the Food and Society Kellogg gathering, and others who might be able to point me to folks in Massachusetts doing “food and health” work.

We are working with the Harvard School of Public Health, the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, a Boston area consortium and other leaders on a forum to address food deserts and their impact on public health. The forum will take place in mid-May in Boston, but we welcome participants from across the state of Massachusetts who are interested in or are already working on the issue and on solutions.

We know that many talented and energized individuals and organizations are already making great strides at the community level and that local solutions can take many distinct forms: a farmers market, an exercise program, the upgrading of a corner store, the development of a full-service grocery store, diet-and-health classes, or something else entirely! Our hope is to bring everyone together so that we can begin to connect the dots, discuss strategies, showcase success stories and learn more about our common goals and how to strengthen them.

As we put the forum together, we ask for your help and guidance:

  1. Do you know of any individuals or organizations doing any type of related work in Massachusetts or simply folks who we should be sure to invite to the forum? If so, can you please share contact and any other information you might have handy?
  2. Do you know of other organizations who might not be involved directly in such projects but who would be knowledgeable about others we should talk to and include?
  3. Those of you from Massachusetts who will also happen to be at the Kellogg gathering, can you also let me know who you are so that I can try to find you to say hello? Maybe if there are enough of us, we can meet briefly for coffee, as I’d love to put names with faces and get your collective ideas, even if only quickly.

If you have a response, please send it directly to me at and not to the listserve. However, once we finalize all the details of the forum and any other information that we can make public, we will be sure to post that. On behalf of the entire forum planning team, a world of thanks for any assistance. We look forward to learning from our many colleagues doing such great work!

– Mari Gallagher, President, National Center for Public Research, Chicago, IL, (312) 339-0640,


2 Responses

  1. I have bookmarked your blog and will be joining you on FB. I appreciate all that you are doing and I look forward to reading more posts.

    Onward and upward,
    Catherine “Jackie”

  2. Thank you, Catherine “Jackie”…

    Springfield is very much on our radar.

    Thanks also to Maria Cuerda for the post.

    Best to all, Mari

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