Men outnumber women at FGM/sensitivity workshop

Eleven men and seven women–all Somali and Somali Bantu–convened at The Springfield Institute on Easter Sunday to discus FGM, cultural sensitivity, and getting used to life in the US. The women’s group was facilitated by Dr. Opeyemi Parham. Dr. Parham led a discussion about the health consequences of FGM, and shared some stories about no-longer-practiced traditions in the US, Europe, and Asia. The realization that Somalis are not alone helped participants feel more comfortable and hopeful, and more willing to share their own stories and perspectives. Dr. Parham also incorporated the artwork of a nurse practitioner colleague. Clara Sarr facilitated the men’s group, where the conversation included FGM, religion, and western medical traditions. Guhad Ahmed, our translator continues to do a wonderful job at our workshops.  Not only does he always gets the job done well by staying connected and organized to the community, but he also does a lot of the “legwork” to help run our organization. I can sincerely say that Guhad is my hero.
Upcoming workshop dates are April 26th and May 10th (2-5PM). For more info, contact me at mohamoud [at] . We hope to see you there!

2 Responses

  1. Maryann, This is wonderful news! I just spent the last three days in the European Parliament in Brussels, at a conference on FGM sponsored by the European Union DAPHNE program and the EuroNet FGM. We must exchange notes… Keep in touch. Warmly, Tobe

  2. […] immigrant workshops. Led by Maryann Mohamoud, The Springfield Institute/Breaking the Silence workshop series for the African immigrant community has been very well received. Thirty people attended […]

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