One in twenty-one MA residents under correctional control

picture-10According to a national report on corrections just released by the Pew Center on the States (PDF, 58 pages), Massachusetts ranks 5th in the nation for the portion of its adult population under “correctional control” (jail, prison, probation, or parole). One out of every 21 residents! The number is even more shocking when you control for certain demographics (see below, only the national rate is available). In part for this reason, it looks like the Rockefeller drug laws (blamed for overcrowding prisons with nonviolent offenders) will be dismantled. None too soon.



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  1. […] result of the welfare reform act. Where have all those people gone? The most popular theories are: prison, the military, and a vast and expanding low wage underclass. Looking for alternatives? Here are […]

  2. […] out of every twenty-one MA residents are under correctional control (Source: Pew Report). Only four other states arrest more of its citizens than we do. Nationally, one in eighteen men, […]

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