US & MA unemployment rates rise to 7.6 & 7.4

These are January 2009 numbers. The rate for Springfield/Holyoke* won’t be available until Tuesday, but we’ll report it then. As a tide-me-over, here’s what December 2008 looked like: US: 7.6%; MA: 6.5%; Boston: 5.5%; Springfield: 7.2%The Dept. of Labor  is already reporting 8.1% nationally for Feb 2009, but that’s just an estimate. Many of us know anecdotally that it’s a lot worse than that right now–particularly around here. But we won’t have those numbers for a couple months.

* The “Springfield, MA-CT” number includes a workforce of 343,222, which includes Holyoke and 46 other towns in the MA/CT region. 


Source: Boston Globe

Source: Boston Globe


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