Don’t let the gas tax drive a wedge along class lines

The Governor has scheduled a hearing for this Wednesday (March 4th) at 4PM at STCC (and there’s another tomorrow, March 3rd, at 3PM at 436 Dwight St., presided over by Transp. Sec. Secretary James A. Aloisi, Jr) to collect perspectives on (promote?) the “Transportation and Economic Security Plan.” Most people only know about the gas tax increase part of it (see 2/23 Republican editorial). And that’s too bad, because the comprehensive reforms go a long way toward offsetting the increased costs for those who will be impacted the most by the tax (see 2/26 Boston Globe editorial). I almost fell into a trap when I wrote this post on the subject last week. But the future for Springfield and the region (both urban and rural parts) hinges on our ability to reject the simplistic and exhausting zero sum mindset, in favor of  a mutually reinforcing agenda: social justice, environmental sustainability, and prosperity. Our next opportunity is tomorrow at 3PM.


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