HELP WANTED…”RECLAMATION” – The NAACP is back in action

The Springfield Chapter

The Springfield Chapter

The Springfield Chapter of the NAACP embarks upon new beginnings. A testament to the validity of the movement was demonstrated on Thursday February 26, 2009, when more than 150 citizens of Springfield gathered at The Basilica of The Holy Apostles at 339 State St. in Springfield.  The event was organized as a “salute” to the NAACP, by Springfield’s Black Leadership Alliance, Inc., and the New England Black Chamber of Commerce.

The Springfield Chapter, whose first general meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 12, 2009 at the WW Johnson Life Center, is actively seeking new leadership to fill its ranks.

Given the recent wave of racially motivated crime and related civil rights violations occurring right here in Springfield, there is no better time than the present. I predict there will be no shortage of opportunity for the Springfield Chapter as the city and the country alike adjust to change. Those who lack courage need not respond….


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  1. Where is the Springfield branch of the NAACP located? I was looking and asking around with no avail. Is the St. James Street still the location? What are your plans for or interests in the NAACP? How can I help?

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