Gas tax: overdue market correction or regressive tax?

Many in the Valley believe that the price of gas at the pump does not reflect its true cost (consider US military spending in the middle east, and the environmental costs of fossil fuels). In the US, gas is cheaper (at the pump) than in any other industrialized country. But a gas tax is also an inherently regressive tax (i.e., penalizing those who can least afford it the most). And a gas tax has an anti-rural bias too (we drive more). That’s similar to the Republican’s opposition. Can we follow the lead of the emerging local green jobs/social justice movement to reconcile these competing priorities that threaten to divide us along class lines?


2 Responses

  1. […] the gas tax (i.e. we can’t afford it and transportation reform should come first). See SI commentary on gas tax here (”Gas tax: overdue market correction or […]

  2. […] the most by the tax (see 2/26 Boston Globe editorial). I almost fell into a trap when I wrote this post on the subject last week. But the future for Springfield and the region (both urban and rural parts) hinges on our […]

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