The Audacity of Hope…the audacity of the Post!

Audacious move by the New York Post to publish the cartoon. They haven’t wasted any time in testing the mettle of a new era of leadership. This is going to get quite interesting…to be continued…


2 Responses

  1. I would describe the recent statements by the NY Post as more of a “reluctant response”, than an “apology”. Apparently, according to the Associated Press,

    the NAACP feels the same way. On Sat, Feb 21, 2009, NAACP President and CEO, Benjamin Todd Jealous, described the Post’s response as “half an apology” and called for a boycott of the NY Post, and disciplinary action against the Post Editor and the Cartoonist who created the illustration.

    The illustration sends many subliminal messages, including, as the NAACP head stated, an “invitation to assassination”. In my opinion, there is nothing positive about the cartoon. Measures should be taken to address the resulting damage.

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